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ۼ b( Է 10/11/08 19:29
Ȩ ȸ 1731
ȱ ƼƮ ۰ ȯ 뺸ϴ

1 ƼƮ ΰ ü ܼ(Tsering Woeser) α׿ ϳ ö ڴʰ ȮεǾϴ. ܼ ߱ ܿ Ȱϴ Ǵ ƼƮ , 2008 3 ƼƮ ߺ ڽ α׿ ƼƮ ø ڽ Ȱ Ȱ Խϴ. ¡ ߱ ϰ ִ ܼ ֱ ߱ ο ͳ Ѵϰ, ׳ Ȩ ŷǴ ޾Խϴ.

<ƼƮ ۰ ü ܼ(Tsering Woeser)>

ֱ ƼƮ Ȱϰ Ȱϴ ƼƮ ۰ ȯ ġ ߱ ο üǰų ݵǴ ο ʴ ź ӵǰ ִ Ȳ ܼ ۼ ª ָǰ ֽϴ. ܼ ִ ƼƮ, 츮 ηư ǰ ߱ ȱ ȯ̶ մϴ.  ִ ѱ ˸ ׳࿡ ū ̱⿡ ׳డ ۼ α ϰ øϴ. 


: ڽ ȱ Ҽ̶ ڰ  ȭ ȯ 뺸ؿԽϴ.

11 11, ڵ 13989990059 ȣ ȭ ɷԽϴ.
ȭ ڽ ν ȱ Ҽ̶ , ȱ ȯѴٰ ߽ϴ.
ȯ Ǿ ϴ , ״ Բ ִٰ ߽ϴ.
ȯ ̸, ȱ ٰ ߽ϴ.
׷ ״ ȯ 翬 , ŵ ˰ ʴġ ϴ.
ƹ ߸ ʾ ŵ Ѵٸ ̶ ߽ϴ.
״ ˰ڴٸ ãƿڴٰ ߽ϴ.

Ʈ͸ ϴ.
α ڵ ޽ α׿ Ʈ͸ ؼ θ Ʈ ֽʽÿ.

2010 11 1 11 40
-ü ܼ-


Urgent: Someone on the Phone Claiming to be from Lhasa City Public Security Bureau Summoned Me
By Woeser

At 11:11am, mobile phone number 13989990059 called me on my mobile.
The caller claimed to be from Lhasa City Public Security Bureau and immediately summoned me to the Public Security Bureau.
I asked why I was being summoned.
He said that there was something he needed to discuss with me.
I said I would not go, I had no reason to go to the Public Security Bureau.
He said of course there is a reason, you know what you have done.
I said I had not done anything illegal. I said that if they wanted to come to see me that was fine but they had to follow the correct procedures.
He said yes, we will come and we will follow the correct procedures.

At this point I cant get on Twitter.
Readers of my blog, please pass on this message and also put it on Twitter.
Thank you!

November 1, 2010 11:40 AM

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: ƼƮε鿡Ե ش ƿ°?
: ƼƮ ȯ,